Newly Qualified Teachers usually fall into 2 categories: those who know what type of school they want to work in (or don't mind) and those who aren't yet sure what school they would be best suited to.

There is no right or wrong. Generally, the sooner you start your induction the better but it is important that you find the right type of school for you; one that will provide the right support, one with the right type of classes to suit your teaching style and one that you feel you will fit in culturally. This is particularly important if applying for permanent jobs.

Whichever category you fit into D.E.S. may be able to help. For those who know what type of school they want to work in, we can search for a job for you. For those who aren't sure, supply teaching may be able to help you experience different types of schools before you choose which ones to apply for permanent jobs in. It's rare that we would recommend supply teaching for a career for an NQT but it may help you in choosing the right teaching path after you become qualified.

For NQT's we offer the following:

  • Job searching
  • Competency based interview – to prepare you for interviews with Head Teachers
  • Free marketing – we can send a competency based CV written by us, to all of the schools in your local area
  • Use our Head Teacher contacts to let you know about positions before they are advertised
  • CV writing/advice
  • Free supply teaching guide – all the basics you need to know if you ever do supply
  • Free vetting service – if your placement school wants to take you on supply you can do it through us at no cost to yourself

We also offer a variety of benefits if you ever work for us. Click here to see them.

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